Blake and Miranda. Gwen and Gavin. Jen and Ben. Celebrity couples are breaking up every time I refresh my Twitter feed and people are more and more shocked as the names get bigger and bigger. I won't lie, I was a bit disappointed when I heard Bennifer was splitting up, before realizing I have no clue what goes on behind closed doors and wondering why I even cared about two complete strangers.

Celebrities face extreme amounts of pressure and time constraints in their relationships. Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert were living in two different states, traveling on tour, filming television shows, and performing at awards shows. It would actually be a miracle if they could make it work. While they were all smiles in paparazzi photographs, it was all be a facade and we did not even know. "Things are altered and edited. What you are seeing is not the real deal," said Bea, 18.

People break up every day. Divorce rates are at an all time high in our country, so it should be no surprise that celebrities get divorced...they're people too. "The problem isn't the person being a celebrity. It's why are we looking up to them?" questioned Marshall, 21, when asked about the thought of people admiring celebrity relationships. These couples should not be admired for their name. We should seek marital guidance from those that despite all odds against them, have made it work. The couples that are still together after 50+ years. The couples that have been through losing a child. The couples that have survived financial strife, multiple moves, and unemployment.

Of the ten people I spoke to regarding this topic, all ten saw an issue with how celebrity couples are being tagged #RELATIONSHIPGOALS on social media. However, it is still a problem.

How can we stop it? Replace our adoration of celebrities with adoration for everyday heroes. Realize that not everything is as we seem. Be conscious of what the media portrays.


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