Big Brother is my favorite summer show! I am excited for it to be back on the air and I think this summer has one of the best casts yet. The first week I was not so sure about them, but as the weeks pass, I realize what great players are in the house. Below my friend, West Coast Nanny, and I break down our opinions on the cast members.

Audrey: (C) I liked her from the beginning, but my opinion of her quickly changed. I commend her for being the first transgender to be on Big Brother, but instead of playing gracefully and using the show as an outlet to share her story, she has dug herself into a terrible hole. She lies to everyone and looks to cause drama. She can’t keep her mouth shut about any alliances and even told Jace he was going to be back doored. I have a feeling she will be gone by the end of this week. (W) When I first saw Audrey, I instantly loved her. However, she made the mistake of playing too hard, too fast, and I don't think she has much of a chance to recover from it. 

Austin: (C) I don’t like or dislike Austin, but I think he can go far in this game if he keeps going at his current rate. He is a strong physical competitor and seems to be well liked in the house. Now that his buddy Jace is gone, he is able to connect more with the other house guests, while also keeping quiet about his stance on people. His new Sixth Sense alliance can help him go far in the game. (W) I think Austin is playing this game really well. He started out by making an alliance with Jace, and when that failed, he got into the sixth sense alliance, which was a great move on his part. I think he has the potential to do really well, as long as he cuts back on the unnecessary lies. 

Becky: (C) Week one I was not too sure about Becky. I thought she was a pretty face who would be gone week three or four. However, after Becky winning the second HOH competition, I think she is a strong competitor both socially and physically. She is able to be a strong leader, without being manipulative or too aggressive. (W) I really liked Becky from the start. I was so happy to see her win the second HOH and I hope she continues to do well in the game.

Clay: (C) Clay is a strong physical competitor, but I think shomancing with Shelli so early on was a mistake. I think he will ride her social coat tails, but fall off in week six or seven, unless the Sixth Sense alliance works out. (W) Clay is awesome. He's obviously a strong competitor and has a decent social game, however he got too close to Shelli too fast, and that's could get him evicted sooner than he realizes. The sixth sense alliance is really his only hope.

Da’Vonne (Eliminated Week 2): (C) Week one I thought Da’Vonne was a serious competitor. However, she caused too much drama for only the start of the summer and ruined all her possible alliances, besides with Jason. I think Da’Vonne could have potentially stuck around if she picked other people for the Last Laugh. (W) Like Audrey, Da'Vonne played too hard, too fast. She took things personal and played the game like a human, not a player, which unfortunately didn't work out for her. 

Jace (Eliminated Week 1): (C) Jace went home before I could form an honest opinion of him. He seemed to try too hard to impress his house guests and was dumb enough to get back doored to be the first sent home. (W) I don't have a lot to say about Jace since he went home so early. I think he did have a great personality, which clearly didn't work in his favor. I could see them bringing him back for a different season of the show. 

Jackie: (C) I really liked Jackie on The Amazing Race and am excited to see her playing Big Brother. So far she seems to just be hanging out and although I do like her, I do not think she will make it far. (W) I like Jackie, but I don't think she has done enough yet to make it in the game. She needs to get into an alliance or she is going be used as a pawn and evicted when they don't need her anymore.

James: (C) I think James can be a serious competitor in this game. I liked him from the beginning when the tiny Asian opened his mouth and showed he was a Southern Red Neck. Talk about a walking contradiction! He is a strong leader and a serious competitor both physically and socially. (W) I was so happy when James one the first HOH, but I'm afraid his game may have ended there. I think if the sixth sense alliance continues, they will be coming after him soon. 

Jason: (C) I am not a fan of Jason and I think the other houseguests will lose interest in him quickly. He has a big mouth and is trying to be another Frankie...we all saw how that turned out. (W) I don't have a lot to say about Jason. Aligning with Da'Vonne was not a good idea on his part. I don't think he is going to recover from it as easily as Austin recovered from losing Jace. Jason will likely also be kept on as a pawn until they don't need him any more. 

Jeff: (C) Like Jackie, I liked seeing Jeff on The Amazing Race. I think if he is able to distance himself from Jackie, he can go far in this game. He is a smart guy, but being tied to Jackie and having already been on a reality TV show is a big target. (W) If Jeff can get in with some of the stronger players, I think he could do really well in this game. I'm hoping to see him pull out an HOH win soon!

John: (C) I love John. I think he could potentially go far in the game, if he plays carefully. He is a crack up and knows the proper way to stand up and sit down. (W) Johnny Mac! I absolutely love John. He is so fun to watch and has been a great player. I don't know if he has what it takes to beat out the other players, but I would love to see him stick around for as long as possible. 

Liz: (C) My favorite thing so far this season is the Twin Twist. Jace was in shock when Julie told him about the twist at his elimination. I really hope they can make it to week five so that both girls can enter the game separately, but it seems that Da’Vonne and the rest of the house have already figured it out. I can’t wait to watch it play out, especially with the Sixth Sense. (W) The twin twist is amazing. I am really hoping they can make it to week 5 so that Julia can enter the game. If that happens, I really think that Austin, Vanessa, Shelli, Clay, Liz, and Julia could be the final 6. 

Meg: (C) Meg bugs and has done nothing yet in the house. I think she is one of those people who will quietly make it pretty far, maybe the final 5 or 6, then be sent home when people realize she has done nothing. (W) Meg will always be seen as a floater. I don't think she will be in the game much longer. I think that if she'd been playing the game with a different cast, then she may have had a better shot at making a name for herself. 

Shelli: (C) I think Shelli was smart to distance herself from Da’Vonne and Audrey, but should be careful in getting too attached to Clay. She is a strong competitor and I think she will go far, especially with the Sixth Sense. (W) Shelli is great. I love the way she has played the game so far. I think it was a good move for her and clay to get into a group of six, so they wouldn't be targeted as a couple so easily. 

Steve: (C) Steve is a good guy, but came into the house with an instant target on his back because of his similarities to Ian Terry. I also think he has too much nervous energy to do really well in the game. (W) Poor Steve. If Ian Terry had never played the game, then Steve could have totally won BB17. But sadly, his comparison to Ian but an instant target on him, and they house will be coming after him soon enough. 

Vanessa: (C) I love her! I was not too sure about her in the first couple episodes, but she is a smart player. As a professional poker player, she is a professional bluffer, and this will take her the distance in this game. (W) I would love to see Vanessa win this season. She definitely has what it takes! I can't wait to see how she does. 

Top Three: (C) Vanessa, Austin, Becky
Top Three: (W) Vanessa, Austin, Shelli

What are your thoughts on this season?

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