TOMbox is a monthly subscription service that makes your Time Of the Month a little more bearable. Each month they send you a box of feminine hygiene products, jewelry, makeup, and/or candy. Each subscriber is able to choose their favorite tampons or pads and get those sent to them. 

A quiz is taken so customers are sure that products they receive will be to their liking. The quiz asks skin tone, eye and hair color, style type, and favorite types of makeup and jewelry products. 

The box price begins at just $16/month. Additional makeup, jewelry, and/or razors are able to be added to the box for an additional cost. Just the tampons and the bracelet value well beyond the cost of the box. If you love a product and want to purchase it after you receive your box, it can be purchased through the TOMbox website. 

I love the concept of this box, but did not love the makeup or jewelry that came. However, for the price of the box it is well worth the cost and then some. This is not a box I would purchase on my own, but it is a fun idea that brings a smile to your face during a not so happy time.

FTC Disclosure: I received these products complimentary from TOMbox for testing purposes only.


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