Summer is here which means many of us are vacationing! Every time I have to pack, even for a weekend get away, I get stressed out with fear that I am forgetting something. Here are some of my no-fail packing tips that will hopefully take some of your stress away!

1.) Make a list! Think about everything you might need based upon your activities of your trip. Don't forget the little things such as shampoo, tooth paste, and razors.

2.) Bag outfits by day. If you have a particular outfit planned for going down town Saturday night, put it all together, including jewelry, in a ziploc and label it. You won't have to rummage through your suitcase.

3.) If flying, keep one outfit and a few cosmetic necessities on you at all time. Unfortunately sometimes things happen and baggage gets lost. If you have an outfit, deodorant, and tooth brush on you, then you should be good to last into the next day when you (hopefully) get your baggage back.

4.) Roll things! More clothes can fit into your suitcase, and stay wrinkle free, if you roll them instead of fold them.

5.) Don't over pack! If you're going on a camping weekend you don't need your straightener, blow dryer, or nice outfits.

What are your packing tips & essentials?

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