Whenever a holiday rolls around, I love to bake, decorate, and DIY to fit the theme. However, it can get expensive and stressful to try to plan things for each holiday.

Lucky for me and other crafty ladies, Melanie and Stephanie, two moms of busy little ones, created "Traditions In A Box" with the goal to make holidays fun and special without all the work. Each box is themed to a specific holiday, with six boxes a year: Valentine's Day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

These lovely ladies were kind enough to send me their Easter box to test out.

This box included:
  • Easter history (how Easter started/how it is celebrated)
  • Egg craft (balloons, thread, glue, plate, string, easter, grass, decorations)
  • Tasty treat (Peeps, jelly beans, cupcake liners)
  • Spring flower seeds, gardening tool
  • Photo props
This was a fun box to go through with the three sweets I spend my days with. I used the Peeps and jelly beans in my Easter centerpiece. I highly recommend this box to families, especially those with little ones. It saves the hassle of coming up with an activity plan and going to get all the supplies needed, all for a great price.

Traditions In A Box can be purchased for $40/box, $110/3 boxes, or $35/donated box.

Every time a box is purchased, another box is donated to a kid at the Seattle Children's Hospital.

Be sure to order now to get a 4th of July box!!!

FTC Disclosure: I received these products complimentary from Traditions In A Box for testing purposes only.

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