I tend to have a very casual, classic style. Whenever I buy statement jewelry, I wear it once or twice, and it is never worth the money. Because of this I wear the same standard pieces over and over. However, I recently came across a company called Rocksbox that has changed the way I look at my accessories. 

For a monthly fee of $19, Rocksbox will send you 3 pieces of designer jewelry based on a style survey and wish list you create. These pieces are on loan, but can be purchased if you like them. Rocksbox features designers such as House of Harlow, Loren Hope, and Jenny Bird. This is great for people like me who only wear jewelry pieces once or twice. For example, I built my Easter outfit around my Rocksbox jewelry I had received the day prior. I wore a simple outfit with these pieces seen below. 

If you are interested in trying out Rocksbox, use the code "kickbackwithcatexoxo" to get your first month free!


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