Setting goals is important for planning what you want in your life and how you can achieve it. If I set a long-term goal to lose ten pounds, I can then set a few short-term goals on how to achieve that. I often set goals at the start of each month, then break them down each week on how I can achieve those.

I often set 7 different goals for the month. This was recommended by Dave Ramsey's daughter, Rachel Cruze, who is also a successful author and financial guru. These goals are: physical, intellectual, spiritual, career, financial, social, and family. Setting one goal for each of these categories can keep your life balanced and moving in the direction you dream.

In March I wanted to focus mainly on my health. I did not meet my work out goal, but did much better than I have in previous months. I have also been following Sophie Uliano's plan in her new book, "Gorgeous For Good." This program has not also helped me eat better, but to be more mindful and focused on my inner being.

In April I am striving to be more mindful...thinking of others, enjoying the moment, and meditating on life.

What is your goal for April?

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