Another month come and gone! The year is 1/3 over! Where has the time gone!?

Here's what I was digging this month-

Favorite Scent: Mountain Lodge by Yankee Candle

Favorite Song: See You Again by Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth

Favorite Clothing Item: Peanuts Party Hard PJ Set, Target, $19.99

Favorite Beauty Product: Blemish Therapy, BareMinerals, $18.99

Favorite TV Show: Dancing With The Stars #TeamRumer

Favorite Book: I'll Have What She's Having (My Adventures in Celebrity Dieting) by Rebecca Harrington [awesome, honest book...looking forward to doing a post on it!]

Favorite Thing I Did: visited my boyfriend in San Luis Obispo! He moved up there recently to coach football and I was able to visit one weekend and will be heading up again tomorrow with my mom and dad.

Favorite Scripture: Isaiah 40:31

Favorite YouTube: Trixin Clothing, a clothing company created by many Idaho/Utah YouTubers, recently played a HUGE family baseball game. Watching the video made me want to get all my friends and family together for a fun day at the ball park.

Favorite Blog: Danise Jurado, a local blogger I recently stumbled upon...I don't remember how, but I am certainly glad I did. Her outlook on life alongside the Lord is remarkable.

Favorite News Story: Bruce Jenner...I am proud of him for sharing his remarkable, honest life journey. I believe he will open the eyes of many to the gender identity struggle he went through and the LGBT community. I pray people become more accepting of transgender peoples and that by a big name sharing their story, others feel more comfortable to be honest with who they are.

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