As technology changes, so does every other aspect of life. One way technology has drastically changed our lives is with fitness. Twenty years ago when women wanted to get fit, they would eat right and work out. However, women now have so many new doors to the health community via technology.

From mobile apps to wearable fitness trackers, technology has had a major impact on our health.

Everyday I use two fitness apps - My Fitness Pal and Blogilates. My Fitness Pal is a free calorie counter that also includes the macronutrients of the foods. I like using this because I can scan the bar code of what I eat, or type in the meal, and all the information appears on my phone. It is a fast, easy way to track my caloric intake and outtake. Blogilates is a YouTube channel created by Cassey Ho. It is a daily workout that I participate in. Blogilates has an app that I use to keep track of my workout checklist and have on the go access to Cassey's videos.

Technology has not only transformed the way we look at working out and eating right, but has also impacted health care plans. Various health insurance providers, such as Oscar Health Insurance, with their NY and NJ Health Insurance, use technology to track appointments, prescriptions, and lab work. They even go as far as providing Misfit Flash Wearables, similar to a Fit Bit, to track a policy holder's daily steps. For each day they reach their goal, they receive a dollar, up to $240 a year.

As technology continues to develop, the rest of our lives will follow it. Do you use any applications or wearables to keep your health in check? If so, tell me what they are!

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