I do the same thing every morning. (Unless I ignore my alarm clock and am running seriously late.) I like to have a routine and stick to it. If I get put into new situations without any warning, I do not work well. Starting my morning with a particular routine gets the day off to the right foot and helps me get things done. A routine is extremely important for every one because it provides structure and builds good habits.

My weekday and weekend morning routines are obviously different, but here is a typical morning if I am not working.

  • Alarm goes off.
  • I drink warm water with cayenne and lemon in it. While doing this, I check social media.
  • I wash my face and brush my teeth.
  • I create a to do list for the day.
  • I read The Bible and do any work I need to for bible study.
  • I get dressed.
  • I spend time focused on my blog, whether it is posting, sending e-mails, or going through social media.
  • I eat breakfast, usually a green juice or oatmeal.
Do you follow a routine? What is the most important part of your routine?

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