Three years ago today I met my sweet boyfriend. As time passes in a relationship it begins to get hard to be creative with date nights and gift giving.

One way to combine both of those is by giving dates in a box.

Get 12 manila envelopes. Label them 1-12. Fill these envelopes with items for pre planned date nights.

Here are some ideas for potential envelopes:

1.) Picnic -- list of local parks, two brown lunch bags, plastic ware

2.) Game night -- dessert, winner prize

3.) Brunch and a yard sale

4.) Chopped -- 2 $10 bills, list of 4 ingredients

5.) Putt Putt

6.) Ice Cream Crazy -- sundae toppings

7.) Santa Monica Pier (great date night for people local to Los Angeles; there are often Groupons for the rides at the pier)

8.) Mall Scavenger Hunt

9.) Fort and a movie -- Red Box coupon code, popcorn

10.) Cowboy Date Night -- We have a local line dancing bar, it could be a fun date night!

11.) Cosmic Bowling -- glowsticks

12.) Dinner out -- restaurant gift card

Leave comments below with your idea for date in a box!

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