Hi friends! I AM alive. I didn't post Thursday or Saturday, and I'm OKAY with that! I needed a little time away to relax and just enjoy life.

I'm coming off a great weekend, which is going to continue today.

Friday night I babysat. The girls and I had a onesie party and watched a Christmas movie. It was fun! Kids make Christmas time so much more magical.

Yesterday I went to a Christmas party at the Camarillo Ranch House, raising money for their Send A Kid to the Ranch program. It was a blast with friends and their families. There was great food, great drinks, and lots of dancing. The theme this year was a Cowboy Christmas.

Today I am ferociously pounding away at my keyboard, moments away from hearing the College Football Playoff Rankings, praying for another. TCU appearance at the Rose Bowl....which they're not. Florida State is an extremely overrated team who doesn't even deserve to be in the playoffs. They're only in because they're undefeated. Look at their schedule. THEY NEARLY LOST TO BOSTON COLLEGE. How TCU goes from being ranked third to sixth in five days?

I guess I'm cheering for the Buckeyes now.

Off I go to cry a little, sell my Rose Bowl tickets, and put this behind me to celebrate my sweet, loving, encouraging, amazing father's 58th birthday. You're getting too old Daddio!


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