I can't believe it's been a year since I graduated college. This time last year I was on a plane, headed to Texas to watch my brother graduate, then a quick return flight back to LA to finish my finals, say goodbye to my best friends, and move out of the dorms.

I used to always roll my eyes at adults who would comment on how quickly life flies by. But I am finally one of those adults. To those of you entering your last semester of college--cherish it for all it's worth. I would give nearly anything for just one more night in Trinity Hall-- dancing to 2Chainz, helping each other get ready for a night out, and laughing until my belly ached. Rarely again will you be with all your best friends in one place. Rarely again will you lack serious responsibility with bills to pay and work to do. Make every moment count.

The past year has been nothing I had imagined. When I graduated college last December, I expected everything to magically fall into place. I thought I would have such a simple time transitioning from living with my best friends in the dorms to living with my mom and dad in my childhood bedroom. News flash, in case you're just tuning in and have missed out on one wild ride, I DIDN'T.

The past year has been quite the trial for me, but I'm proud to say that I made it. I anxiously attacked the change from living with my best friends to only occasionally texting. I, after many failed attempts, found a stable, enjoyable, and sustainable job. I have moved out of my parents house, out of my hometown, and figured out life in a brand new city.

It feels like just yesterday I was walking out of ED 502 with the extremely awkward, yet rewardingly challenging, Dr. Scheu, calling my dad up in joyful tears to tell him I was done. I had taken my last final. Three and a half years of hard work and resisting frequent urges to give, but I had done it. The proudest accomplishment I have to date. My education is something no one can ever take from me.

That being said, time sure flies by. It wasn't just yesterday. It was actually 356 days ago, not that I'm counting. I am no where near where I expected to be at this moment, but I am okay with that. I have enjoyed (most) of the journey and have fully accepted that God's plans are far greater than my own.

This past year I have learned more about myself than I ever did in 21 years prior. I learned that I am a fighter. I am a strong, hard-working, faithful servant to Christ and I will not give up on him, for he has not given up on me.

The past year since I graduated has been a trial, but I have been given second chances and am on the right path to becoming the woman I was created to be. Although it has been a difficult year, it has been rewarding. Not only do I have a diploma, but I have dignity.

"Only God can turn a MESS into a MESSage, a TEST into a TESTimony, a TRIal into a TRIumph, a VICtim into a VICTory. GOD IS SO GOOD!"

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