I don't remember how old I was, maybe five or six, but I remember every other detail like it was yesterday. The fancy dress I wore with tights and buckled black shoes...the headband with a little bow....and the most special gift that I have ever received.

My grandparents built me a doll house by hand. I still have it to this day. It was built up on wheels. Two stories, fully furnished. A family inside. Everything I could have ever asked for. And they built it by hand. This doll house has always meant so much to me. However, it holds so much more meaning now that I'm older.

It holds memories, time, love, and dedication. Although my own children will never get to meet their paternal great-grandparents, they will hold a piece of them in their home forever. I long for the day my own little girls can play with the delicate home that kept me occupied for hours. That they will have a piece of my Grandpa and Grandma.

I am not one for material items. Don't get me wrong, I love the generosity and thought that goes into gifts I receive and I love the clothing hanging in my closet. However, it's usually the memories in this life that I hold on to, not the earthly possessions. I don't remember many gifts I've been given in this lifetime, but I can remember so many moments with the people behind the gift. Knowing how much time, thought, effort, and hard work went into this dollhouse though, makes it the most meaningful gift I have ever received. It wasn't a quick pick up at the toy store down the street, it was hours, days, weeks, and months of labor and dedication.

With the theme of giving, I am excited to announce the winners of the Essie Nail Polish giveaway. Congratulations Amanda Lawson (favorite gift: a gift card), Kayla (necklace from her late brother), and Tanya Homen (birth of her daughter)! Please e-mail me within 72 hours with your mailing address. If an e-mail is not received in due time another winner will be chosen in your place.

Stay tuned to the next giveaway, coming January 1st!