Scantily Clad Costumes

Why is Halloween an excuse to dress half naked? This year I have seen sexy pizza, sexy Big Bird, and worst of all, a sexy Ebola nurse. I feel overdressed every year in shorts and a tank top. Do guys really find it attractive for females to be scantily clad on Hollow’s Eve? I asked 5 guys for their opinions to get answers. I also asked 5 females their feelings on the situation, and if they felt pressure from society to dress inappropriately on Halloween. Here’s what I learned:

1.) All in favor.
2.) I think girls can still look sexy and have a good costume without just wearing lingerie and calling it a costume. I tend to like the ones who are slightly more reserved than normal. You are supposed to dress up as something. If I wanted to go look at strippers, there are plenty of places for that.
3.) As a male I love it because it’s provocative but would I want my daughter dressing like that? Hell no. Creative costumes get more attention overall anyways, not just boobs and butt.
4.) Depends. I like it so long as it’s not overly done and can be mistaken for a street walker, but showing a bit is good stuff.
5.) I personally would never want to see my sister, cousins or eventually my daughter dressing that way, but as a guy, I can't say I dislike it right now...

1.) I think it affects the self esteem of girls who are overweight and go into costume stores. They have short skirts and lingerie looking costumes shoved in their faces with hardly any other options. I've seen friends feel inadequate in those stores and it is sad. I feel like girls who wear conservative costumes regardless of their weight would be seen as prude or boring or something negative. On the other hand, girls with nice bodies love these costumes and likely see Halloween as an excuse to show off their bodies. It's interesting because I've apparently been conditioned to accept this as I hadn't thought twice about the fact that conservative costumes are hardly offered for women until your question! I can't even imagine stores selling anything else.
2.) I don’t think they’re so much forced as girls use it as an excuse because they don’t feel they can be judged. And those that do do it, 99% of it is for attention.
3.) I don't personally believe that girls are "forced" to dress slutty for Halloween, rather it has become part of the current Halloween culture. Some girls may feel like this is the one day out of the year that they are excused to dress rather scandalous and get away with it. Though it is truly ultimately up to the girl whether she chooses to dress slutty or not. Free expression is something that I truly value and I believe that we shouldn't judge others on their choices; is it affecting your life personally? 99.99% it's not, so girls shouldn't be critiqued for their choices. I do agree that there is some sort of pressure in this new generation to dress provocatively for Halloween, but I don't believe girls are being forced to dress slutty.
4.) I personally hate the holiday for that reason. I feel the need to dress in no clothes and that's not who I am so I try not to partake.
5.) I think girls think its an excuse to dress slutty and not be judged, but on the other hand costume stores only really sell slutty costumes but only because consumers buy it. I think the solution to this would be DIY costumes which is what I always do.

What are your thoughts on the situation?

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