Healthy Snack Ideas

It's Hump favorite day of the week! I've always loved Wednesdays, and do so even more now that I'm bringing health segments to the table each Wednesday. Today I'm sharing some of my favorite healthy snacks with you.

1.) Hummus with Veggies:
Hummus is pureed chickpeas. It is rich in fiber, proteins, vitamins, and healthy fats. However, it is high in calorie, so be sure to measure out a serving. You'd be surprised how much hummus you can sit and eat if you're eating straight from the tub. (I would know!) I like to dip celery and carrots in it. Pita chips and pretzels are also great with it, but not as healthy.

2.) Edamame:
Edamame is boiled soybeans. They too are very high in fiber and so delicious.

3.) Protein Bar:
A Quest bar can replace a meal and is only 180 calories. It tastes like candy and is high in protein, potassium, and fiber. Some of my other favorite protein bars besides Quest are Balance and Luna.

4.) Asparagus and a hard boiled egg.
This might sound like an odd combination, but the fiber enriched asparagus and protein filled egg balance each other out well. It is a great, filling, yet low-calorie snack.

BONUS: Green tea.
A healthy alternative to water, green tea speeds up your metabolism and is only 5 calories per serving.

Let me know what you think of these snacks!

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