Happiness Project

Continuing the happiness project should be easy for me in September, simply because it’s my favorite month. The weather starts to cool down, I turn another year older, football inhabits the television, and pumpkin flavored products hit the shelves.

Even though each of these small things will bring me great joy this month, I also have a goal to strive to find happiness in being mindful of myself. I want to enjoy each and every moment as it is handed to me. I do not want to relish on what has happened or focus on what is to come, but enjoy each passing second.

I want to spend the first 15 minutes of each morning with 100% devotion to the Lord, EVEN if this means waking up 15 minutes earlier. I purchased a new devotional book, “Your Best Life,” by Joel Osteen and want to start each day reading it, then sitting in silence and prayer.

Following these 15 minutes focused my spiritual health meditating on God’s word, I want to focus on my physical health by exercising. I am partaking in another Diet Bet, as of yesterday, but am not joining this one for money. I am content with my current weight, but will participate in the daily fitness challenges.

A few other things I am going to try this month in order to become more mindful are hypnosis, laughter yoga, drawing, and sudoku. The first three I have never spent time on, but the fourth is something I enjoy doing. These are things I read about in Gretchen Rubin’s “The Happiness Project” that had mixed effects on her. I look forward to sharing these experiences with you!


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