Mica Beauty Cosmetics Review

Mica Beauty Cosmetics is a mineral cosmetics line that offers healthy, vibrant beauty products. It is Paraben free, with minerals that work with each individuals skin oils to provide a flawless, light feeling coverage, with SPF 15. It is all natural, hypoallergenic, and fragrance free. Mica Beauty Cosmetics does no animal testing.

I was recently introduced to Mica Beauty Cosmetics while walking around my mall and fell in love on impact. My skin had never looked so flawless. Knowing my face could look this good without heavy makeup and several products without clogging my pores and worsening my acne and sensitive skin had me leaving the mall beaming.

I haven't touched any other makeup since I got their mineral foundation ten days ago. It leaves me feeling confident and beautiful, something I often struggle with because of my acne and acne scarring. The makeup is buildable, so I can either do a loose cover when I just want to hide my redness or I can create a look that shows zero sign of blemish. Mica is a great alternative to talc (a mineral in many face powders proven to cause breakouts) in makeup products.

I also have been using the Mica Beauty Cosmetics brown line-fix gel eyeliner. I love this stuff. It glides on easily and is the right color for my skin tone and eyes. It also dupes as a brow filler. I have never been big on filling in my eyebrows, mainly because I did not want to look drawn on, but the Mica consultant showed me the right way to do it and I feel like a whole new woman!

I strongly recommend Mica Beauty Cosmetics! Be sure to check back August 20, because I will be giving away some of their products in my August Makeup Swag Bag giveaway!


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