I'm starting a new segment called #Trending where I take a peak at what is trending on Twitter and talk about it. What's trending now? LIZZIE MCGUIRE. The greatest show of my child hood. My age 8 obsession. When Aaron Carter kissed Lizzie under the mistletoe....DEAD.

Apparently it was trending because Disney Channel decided to air some good old wholesome hearted family fun on Wednesday night....Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens. If those shows had stayed on the air I would still be watching Disney at 21. The reruns of Lizzie, Miranda, and Gordo got me started thinking back to the best shows of my childhood. In honor of what's #trending and #throwbackthursday here's a run down of my favorite ten as a kid:

10.) Brace Face

9.) Angela Anaconda

8.) Rocket Power

7.) Sabrina the Teenage Witch

6.) Smart Guy

5.) Doug

4.) Boy Meets World

3.) Lizzie McGuire

2.) 7th Heaven

1.) Full House


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