Happiness Project Update

Remember The Happiness Project? I was supposed to spend this month being as happy as possible in my relationship. I had a checklist of things I was supposed to do that would make me an awesome girlfriend and most importantly a happy girlfriend.....


One of the items on the checklist this month was no dumping. When times got tough, when I wanted to escape, I had promised myself not to run away. I was supposed to step back and take a breath. I failed....and I dumped. I thought that I needed to find my own identity and that would lead me to my ultimate happiness. However, the great things that have happened to me this week are meaningless without sharing them with the one person who matters.

While I spend this month ahead trying to better myself and fix the relationship I damaged, I will also put focus on my family. I'll try to lighten up and acknowledge people's feelings. I'm going to try to talk so people will listen, and listen so people will talk. I'm going to focus on happy memories and identify problems before they become blow outs.

I failed, but I am not a failure. I disappointed, but I am not a disappointment.


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