The Fabulous Life Of...

While planning a concert on campus last fall, my roommate began to tell me of the crazy things that were on some of the artists riders. A rider is a list of all there wants and "needs" in the dressing room backstage and they will ask for anything and everything to make them feel comfortable while on the road. A popular request? Fresh underwear. It seems artists don't want to do laundry on the road, or better yet have someone do it for them, so they are given new drawers at every venue they play. Some of the requests are crazier and more time consuming, such as Jennifer Lopez wanting all white everything...white flowers, curtains, furniture, and walls.

Here are more crazy celebrity requests:

  • Kanye West: Any driver he has must wear 100% cotton clothing
  • The Foo Fighters: Coloring books 
  • Cher: A separate dressing room for all her wigs
  • Beyonce: Dressing room must be kept at exactly 78 degrees
  • Rihanna: No visible lockers or bricks, they must be covered with white drapes
  • Will Ferrell: A fake tree on wheels
  • David Hasselhoff: A life sized cut out of himself
  • Prince: A physician to give a B12 shot
  • Jennifer Hudson: Baked chicken wings (for breakfast)

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