OGX Shampoo Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Review

OGX Shampoo Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen
I purchased this product a few bottles of shampoo ago because it was on sale and contained the word biotin, which I had heard helps hair growth. Usually every time I ran out of shampoo I would try something different, but I have used this shampoo consistently for two years ever since I first bought it. I have began to use other OGX products, which I have also enjoyed.

-price (7.99 at Rite Aid for 13 oz., which lasts me about 5 months)
-adds volume to my VERY flat hair
-has definitely made my hair appear thicker

-doesn't add much moisturize to my dry hair, but the proper conditioner has helped that (I do not use the coinciding conditioner to this shampoo)

Overall I give the shampoo an A-! I recommend it to anyone and everyone!


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