My Favorite Vacation Destination

I started this post off with a list of beautiful places I've been in my life and all the great sites to see there. The mountains of Vail, the beaches of Bermuda, and the bars in San Diego. However, the hundreds of amazing vacations I've been on with friends and family don't amount to the summer trips in Sunriver, Oregon with my family.

My first memory I have is me crawling into the (unlit) fireplace at the Sunriver house to get my beloved Power Rangers watch out. Many more childhood memories take place there, especially the family reunions with all my cousins. Floating down the freezing cold river as a family is a summer tradition, but nothing tops the time my cousin Ben stood up in the canoe and in him and my aunt Dode went. We've enjoyed many great bike rides, pony rides, and trips to the observatory.

Sunriver is a place so dear to my heart. I appreciate my parents taking us there every summer and I am sorry that we have let the past few years slip as we have all grown up and moved away.

I hope one day my own children can experience the laughs I had at Fort Funnigan, the delicious treats at Goodie's Ice Cream Parlor, and the glow in the dark putt putt on warm summer nights. But most importantly I want them to know the place that made my childhood so great and a place that made me who I am.

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